Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reading- The American Girls books

I got Gracie the Kaya series for Christmas. I like it but for some reason it's been slow going, Gracie's not hugely into it and it's kind of been sitting for awhile.

I know they are good books though and Gracie loves history so I was hoping to start with another series. I put it out there to the family that a set of those books would be a great gift for Gracie's birthday. Auntie April and Uncle Troy came through and sent Gracie a wonderful used set of the Samantha books.

And with that Gracie is hooked! She is LOVING this series. In fact we read the whole first book in one sitting yesterday. I started reading to both the kiddos and Ian fell asleep leaving Gracie to just keep going. In a little more than an hour we had finished the first book. She was begging me to start the second book today but we didn't get around to it. I will make a point of it tomorrow though.

What better way to learn, an interesting story full of historical fact! I really liked the end of the book where there was a little section talking about life in 1904 and explaining some of the things we had read about. Very cool. I'm thinking Gracie will learn a lot about American history with these books of historical fiction.

Of course now she wants a doll. They are $100. She has some money she received for her birthday but it's not enough. I told her that we can figure out some ways for her to earn some money and the next time we go to Chicago we will go to the American Girl store. I'm sure she'll be in heaven!

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