Thursday, November 12, 2009


We were headed to the zoo yesterday for a free day.  Once we got there though we decided never mind and headed to the museum instead.  The free day combined with a holiday made the zoo, well, a zoo!  There was no parking to be had and I could tell we would barely be able to move once inside so a change of plans was needed.

We love the museum.  Our membership this year has already paid for it’s self and then some.  We were glad to go this time and get to see the children’s area was put back together.  We plan to go back soon for the Genghis Kahn exhibit that is there right now, it looks very neat!

So here’s some of what we were up to.

Greeting the parking garage dinosaur!


Ian carefully moving magnets to the right place.

 IMG_6112  IMG_6110

Building with fish!


Gracie participating in an experiment about the effects of pressure on objects.  It was very cool, she loved it!



IMG_6133 IMG_6151

My two space cadets!  We had an awesome time in the space section too, there was a museum worker who spent about half an hour showing Gracie the entire solar system on this computer program and there was no one else there with us the whole time.  It was pretty cool.IMG_6162


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