Sunday, August 22, 2010


We painted these a couple weeks ago.  I need to get some hangers on them so we can put them outside next spring and see if we get any birds to nest in them.

IMG_7901 IMG_7894 IMG_7897 IMG_7898 IMG_7900



    First, this looks like a project my children would love!

    Second, I had to hope on over after your comment at waddlee-ah-chaa. Tomorrow I'm sharing travel journals. I love to travel too!!! I hope to take my children around the world one day. Guess I need to buy a lottery ticket! :)


  2. Oh man, I'm just seeing your comment now, not sure why I didn't get an e-mail notification! So thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your site! I'm hoping for that winning lottery ticket too, then we can travel the world in style!