Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Mad Scientist

My children have informed me they have a new teacher.  They refer to this person as the mad scientist.  The kids both love the mad scientist.  They keep asking for the mad scientist to come do other lessons for them but so far it just hasn’t happened.

I guess that every time the science book opens for a lesson the mad scientist appears.  She apparently has an accent and talks all crazy and fast and yells and points her finger and the kids think she is hilarious.  They all do the science lessons together and then when the lesson is complete and the book goes back on the shelf she just plain disappears.  It’s very strange, this whole mad scientist thing.  But since the kids love her who am I to complain that someone else is coming in and teaching for me, if only just for one subject.

The strangest thing is that I have never met this scientist.  Apparently I go into some sort of zen like state when she appears.  The kids say that I am the mad scientist.  I think they are crazy.  I would know if I were a mad scientist, wouldn’t I?


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