Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Penguins Unit Study update

Our first unit study process is going along very well.  We've done lots of small activities and have been reading the Magic Tree House book about penguins and Antarctica.  We've all learned a lot, it's been very fun!

Cute story from yesterday.  I checked out the BBC Planet Earth series from the library so that we could watch the segment that had penguins in it.  After watching it the kids played penguins and it was so cute!  They were using a plastic baseball as their egg and they were passing it back and forth on their feet like the mom and dad penguins do.  They were talking about how they needed to walk so far for food and making penguin noises and bowing and dancing like penguin couples do.  It was just so cute and awesome to see their knowledge being acted out.  A very nice way to evaluate their retention without them having any idea that's what I was doing!

Yay for learning while having fun!

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